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San Pedro TowingOur San Pedro Towing company was found in 1969, our towing company represents professional towing operators statewide. When you think “tow truck”, you probably think of your car being towed away and you having to go to some impound lot in San Pedro to pick it up. You probably think of a lot of cash being shelled out, and you probably losing tons of valuables that were in the car. You probably think of a pretty bad time, all around.  We unparalleled solutions and resources that empower towing companies to be more professional and progressive within the industry while serving the motoring public.  San Pedro Towing can arrange removal of any junk car or unwanted vehicles from your property for a fee. Whether you have broken down cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers or even farm equipment we can get rid of them for you anywhere in the local area. why not RECYCLE your old junk car and we also dispose of scrap metals and all chemicals through environmentally friendly and legal means.

Our drivers are paid wages, they do not have a vested interest in any one tow; they tow vehicles carefully, and professionally, as directed. Our Towing San Pedro services has a random drug testing program, monthly OSHA safety meetings with a professional consultant, membership and certified drivers, drivers are subjected to background checks.

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We’re not the regular towing service that comes out and tows your car away because it’s parked illegally. Our company is a company made up of the good guys that we recruited, some even as far as towing in Malibu city.

Fortunately for you, we’re the only company in San Pedro that comes out when your car has broken down and you don’t know what to do or who to call. Our towing company is there for you in your emergencies, not in your times when you least expect it.

Our tow truck company excels in making sure that you get the best towing prices and rates of any towing service in the area. Please give us a call for a free quote so that you can take advantage of our low rates.

So far, you’ve gotten down that we’re the good guys, that we provide towing for the best prices, but you haven’t heard yet about our response times and our tow truck drivers! Our response times are far better than any other company, and San Pedro Towing will be there faster than you can imagine! To top it all off, our towing drivers are both experienced and able to help you with any situation, as they’ve seen it all!

So, why go with San Pedro Towing?

We can provide any towing service at any time, 24/7! That’s right, we mean any service.  We can do any of the following when you need a tow truck:

  1. Heavy Duty Fleet
  2. Light Duty/Medium Duty Tow
  3. Ditch Pulls
  4. Accident Recovery
  5. Flatbed Trucks
  6. Wheel Lift Tow Trucks
  7. Local Tows
  8. Low Clearance Tows
  9. Tows With Dollies
  10. And more!

Now, you may be wondering: “Is towing cars or trucks all we do?”  Well, we actually also provide roadside assistance! For a list of those services, see below:

  1. Jump Start Services
  2. Flat Tire/Flat Tires Replacement/Repairs
  3. Car Battery Replacements
  4. Gas Deliveries
  5. Mud Winches
  6. Car Lockout Assistance

Contact San Pedro Towing Service

If you’re looking for our tow truck service or roadside assistance technicians, then you can call us at any time at our toll-free number  Our towing services is always available to help you out, and can service anywhere in San Pedro if you’re ever in need! For more information on our areas, you can go ahead and check the map below. Just give us a call at (424) 571-5903 now!

Our company takes pride of the fact that we have invested in this towing business for several years now. We make it our concern to know the latest tow equipment and methodologies. Thus, you can expect the most advanced services on the road to help you with your concerns. This company can also guarantee you reasonable prices for their services. No more of the days of getting charged with ridiculously high fees for tow services. Our Professionals are Honest, and we get the job done quicker than anyone else.

Call San Pedro Towing today at (424) 571-5903 and find out what we can do for you.